10 Rules of Happiness.

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We tend to always focus on the dark clouds in the sky, but I think you should remember that above these clouds the sun is always shining - 365 days of the year. So let us focus on the bright side. Here are the rules I live by to make this possible each and every day:

Rule #1 - Stop feeling sorry for yourself! This hasn’t helped anyone in any situation ever.

Rule #2 - Stop comparing yourself to others. This will only hold you back in life and keep you from releasing your full potential.

Rule #3 - Take care of yourself. Train hard, Eat well, sleep enough, and stay healthy.

Rule #4 - Don’t worry about others judging you. You are awesome the way you are.

Rule #5 - Remove all negativity and surround yourself with positive people. Keep all negative influences out of your life, period.

Rule #6 - Learn to let go. Release negative emotions and get on with your life.

Rule #7 - Life in the now. Don’t wait to be happy in the future or keep worrying about the past. Try to be happy in real time.

Rule #8 - Appreciate sadness as well as happiness. Without sadness you would never know what true happiness means.

Rule #9 - Don’t save anything for later. If you for example buy a great pair of expensive shoes, just wear them to each and every occasion instead of keeping them for some “ideal” future moment.

Rule #10 - Keep learning. Never stop growing and developing. Always be on the lookout for something new.

Do you have any rules I have to add to my list?

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