London Love. Part I.

It is a fact. I´m in love with London and I certainly adore the English culture. For me there is nothing more relaxing than to stroll around this fabulous city or sit in some café or pub and watch the residents solemnising their cup of tea or getting drunk. I can’t quite point out why I like it here so much. Maybe it is the renowned humour? The incomparable British accent? The brilliant shopping? Or even the unpredictable weather? In any case, there are countless reasons for me to visit and explore this city over and over again. I truly feel at home here.

That’s why I would like to share my love for London with you and so I put together some of my hottest tips for this incredible city. Since I have so many favourites I’ll just start with a few suggestions from, the top of my head. Be sure to stay tuned for more to come.

MD Map of London

MD Map of London

Where to stay?

For me the question in which hotel I would like to stay when in London does not even arise. My all-time favourite and go-to hotel is the Mandeville hotel.

The Mandeville Hotel located in central London is without a doubt a unique and fashionable modern accommodation l This luxury four-star design hotel offers contemporary design, fancy fabrics, snug sofas and inimitably comfy beds. The breakfast and afternoon tea are also pure heaven and should certainly not be missed.

This hotel can be rather pricy, but from my experience you can get a really great discount if you book well in advance. (And even if you pay a bit more, it is certainly worth it, since you can save a lot of money on transport when you stay right in the heart of the city – because the Mandeville Hotel is situated right in fashionable Marylebone.

Marylebone is one of my favourite areas in London. It is the perfect starting point to explore this great city. I highly endorse you taking an extended stroll around Marylebone Village to discover this neighborhood’s white terraced Georgian and Edwardian townhouses, the fabulous fashion boutiques and exceptional great bars and restaurants on Marylebone High Street.

Where to shop?

There is of course yet another reason why I opt for the Mandeville Hotel this hotel over and over again. It happens to be only a few minutes of walk away from Bond Street in Mayfair and thus my dearly beloved department store Selfridges.

Selfridges: for more than a century, this name has been synonymous with the finest clothing, the fanciest food, and trendiest high-end labels. There is literally nothing you couldn’t find in here. Voted the best department store in the world, the magic of Selfridges is truly hard to define. Is it the location? The sheer impressive size of the building? Or the atmosphere? I'm sure it must be a combination of all of those elements. For me Selfridges is a place of real magic. It certainly creates the strong desire to leave it with one (or several) of those yellow bags.

You definitely have to go and experience the magic of Selfridges for yourself.

What to eat?

It’s a well-known fact: shopping makes you ravenously hungry. For this eventuality I found a really great remedy. Since I'm a strict Paleo advocate, I most of the time opt for some fresh meat or seafood.

Good steak in London can be very pricy. But my newest discovery is a real money saver - compared to the surrounding steak places in Piccadilly and Soho. It is called Flat Iron, and flatly, it is completely different. The uniqueness though is in its menu. Instead of offering a wide variety of expensive meat cuts that simply confuse most people, they only serve one type of steak – the flat iron – at  the appetising price of just £10 per serving.

I must confess, I had never heard of the flat iron cut before and I also remained skeptical of its merits until I’ve finally gotten around to tasting it. This meat is exceptionally flavoursome and so tender, you barely feel the need to use your knife. And once you get to cutting it you feel the blade gliding smoothly through the soft fleshy fibers like through a half-melted piece of butter that has been sitting on your kitchen counter for the better part of a day.. It’s utterly delightful. But please note: There aren’t any reservations  being taken so get there early or be prepared to queue. A definite must try if you love meat as much as I do.

What to see?

My favourite museum in London is clearly the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is certainly the best decorative and applied arts museum I've ever been to. Known to all as the V&A, this huge museum is devoted to the applied arts of all disciplines, all periods, and all nationalities. Full of innovation, it's a wonderful, generous place in which to get lost. It offers everything from dresses  and musical instruments over weaponry and furniture to porcelain or gold and silver objects. The great thing, which in my opinion makes it really fun walking around this museum: Many collections at the V&A are presented not by period but by category - textiles, sculptures, jewellery and so on. A definite must see.

I hope I could inspire you with my enthusiasm and tips and you planning on visiting this marvelous city very soon.

Be sure to stay tuned for more to come.