Autumn cravings. Chalet living.

Even though I was on holiday in sunny and warm Croatia only last week, coming home to fairly chilly weather and a freezing cold flat in Vienna instantly drew me into Autumn mode. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn and winter. And honestly I have to say - even though it is only October - I’m ready for long walks in the park amongst falling leafs lounging around in front of the fireplace (which I sadly don’t have) with the occasional hot chocolate or chai tea and the lovely smell of burning candles.

MD Autumn Cravings - Pictures via 1,2,3,4 and 5

MD Autumn Cravings - Pictures via 1,2,3,4 and 5

But in order to archive the ultimate cosiness factor in my apartment, it seems I will have to redo it first. Here are my choices for the upcoming cold time of the year:

1) I love French style mirrors with rococo swirls and shell motifs. This one from the French Bedroom Company is my long time favourite. If only they would ship to Austria…

2) This headboard is a fluffy wet dream. I always wanted an upholstered headboard - this for me would create the ultimate cosiness factor. Again it would be great if they would ship to Austria. Once I have decided on a colour I might even get a DIY project started and do it all by myself.

3) Seems like I’m in love with everything upholstered right now but this pouf would certainly fit in my flat perfectly. Still need to find the right colour though.

4) Who doesn’t love candles? I certainly do (but most of the time feel quite sick after a while once the candle is burning) but that doesn’t stop me from buying new ones all the time. For rainy autumn evenings this one would be among my top choices.

5) I really love the interior of Swiss chalets. In particular the really rustic ones. Sheepskin rugs or cowhides make every chalet utterly comfortable, especially if you come home after a long day out and about in the snow.